About Triple N Capital Venture Ltd


Triple N Capital Venture Limited was established in 2009 and incorporated in 2012 as an LLC. We are a building and civil construction company. We are registered with all relevant authorities such as National Construction Authority, Kenya Revenue authority, Ministry of Water and Sanitation and AGPO (Access to government procurement opportunities) under the youth Category.
We are a modern and innovative company that focuses on satisfying you, our prospective customer with quality services that exceed your expectations. Over the years, we have been able to take up many projects and accumulated skills, knowhow and experience in:
  • Project management services.
  • Building & associated works such as electrical & mechanical works.
  • Civil works such as Road construction, bridges, drainage and sewerage works.
  • Supply of various goods and services.

Our emphasis on effective communication and following procedures ensures that our customers’ objectives are met satisfactorily. Our project management and execution philosophy are;

  • Creating a detailed schedule and resources plan to meet client’s objectives.
  • Tracking project progress to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Doing frequent supervisions to ensure that the quality of work done meets the client’s objective.
  • Completing and commissioning the project on time.


First, it starts by being a builder, taking a hands-on approach to every aspect of every project, from preconstruction through completion. Most of all, it means having a deep understanding of the trade while knowing how to be both hands-on and high-tech, nurturing close relationships with the best design partners and subcontractors in every market, across the region.

Our growth is based on our commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure that each element in the project receives the attention it deserves. We achieve this through a solid collaboration with our clients and subcontractors – or as we like to think of them an extension of our own staff – allowing us to complete projects ahead of schedule.


To provide maximum value for all our potential stakeholders through providing superior human capital services which will create a change in the industry and also delivering reliable and responsive products.


Our mission is:

  • Create labor capacity and better the lives of our employees.
  • To provide reliable and responsive services in all our ventures that surpass our customers’ expectations.
  • To increase the company’s value over the years.
  • To be a well-known and reputable company.
  • To be a well-known and reputable company.


Simply put, our word is our bond. With a corporate philosophy and culture grounded in ethical business practices we will always do right by our clients.

Serving our customers with an unending respect and fairness, we will go above and beyond – in the most truthful and reliable manner possible -to ensure their every need is met and each concern is addressed.

Triple N Capital is no ordinary construction company. Innovation is at the heart of every project undertaken. The essence of construction is the backbone of Triple N and innovation is what meets requirements of the market today.

We at Triple N Capital have a talented team of professionals who take great pride in their work with a proven track record. We show up on time and always communicate and conduct ourselves appropriately.

Sustainability is a guiding principle at Triple N Capital Venture Ltd. We are committed to serve as an example to our industry and the country as a whole by integrating environmental awareness and responsibility throughout our company and for our clients.

1. Enhancing a safety culture has become a way of life to us more than it is a requirement. We take personal responsibility to ensure that the safety of ourselves and those around us at work is a priority.

2. Because of the nature of our work, we always take the required safety measures which include;

  • Correcting potential hazards as soon as they are recognized.
  • Following protocols and procedures.
  • Ensuring that all our company equipment is in good working condition.
  • Ensuring that all our workers have all the required protective clothing.

3. Safeguarding the environment is also a key element in our pursuit for safety and reducing our environmental impact. We believe that with vigilance and commitment, zero harm to people, property and the environment is attainable.